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Eight Things I Learnt From My Summer Job.

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Learning is an interesting concept and most times we feel like we have to be specifically  taught something before we have learnt it.

This year I have found out that I am constantly learning and that’s the best way to live.

I worked as a charity fundraiser this summer and it was my job to walk up to people’s houses, knock on their doors , pitch my charity to them and eventually convince them to sign up and make a monthly contribution.

This job was totally out of my comfort zone and upon reflection I could have probably handled that better, but like I said its all a learning process.

So here is a list of things my job taught me:

  1. The importance of a smile. People feed off your energy, when someone opened the door and I was monotone and not smiling they replied in a monotone and often dismissive manner, but if I was smiling and laughing, even if they didn’t sign up we often had a good  conversation.
  2. I learnt that to succeed I need to do something I enjoy.
  3. I  learnt that compromising for a short time can lead to long-term benefits
  4. I learnt that I do not work well under pressure and even if its being put on me I need to ignore it. Sometimes pressure is inevitable, in this job we had weekly targets. However it was the weeks that I didn’t pay any attention to the targets that I was most successful.
  5. I learnt that being open-minded will take you far. There is a whole world out there,  a whole world outside of you and it doesn’t take much to explore it.
  6. I learnt that I can do anything I set my mind to.
  7. I learnt to look for the silver lining in every situation.
  8. People only hear what they want to hear. It is important you make them hear you.


I would love to hear about your most recent learning experience?






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