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Till You See Us.

Our bodies matter.

Our lives matter.

We are worthy.

You should care.

We are worthy of walking home safely;

We are worthy of more than careless shots.

We are worthy of the peace of an evening walk.

We are worthy of Justice.

We matter.

Not to be discarded like something you could easily scatter.

We are worthy of respect.

We are worthy of our choice.

We will shout it till you hear it!

Till you remember to leave women alone.

Till you see us!

Till you see us as equals!

Till you see us as individuals worthy of simply existing.

Till you see us as women- not attached to men.

Till we don’t have to say ”what if it was your sister, your mother, your lover, your daughter.”

Till you see us!

In remembrance of all the women & men who have been violently brutalised, raped & killed.

For the names we know and the ones we don’t. We won’t stop till you see us!

Black lives matter . Stop Raping Women .

Here are some links where you can donate and volunteer with organisations that work to end rape & fight rape culture in Nigeria, as well as support victims of rape and gender-based violence.

Stand to End Rape

Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF)

Gender Mobile

Mirabel Centre

www.justicefortinafund.comTo donate to the family of Tina Ezekwe