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Till You See Us.

Our bodies matter.

Our lives matter.

We are worthy.

You should care.

We are worthy of walking home safely;

We are worthy of more than careless shots.

We are worthy of the peace of an evening walk.

We are worthy of Justice.

We matter.

Not to be discarded like something you could easily scatter.

We are worthy of respect.

We are worthy of our choice.

We will shout it till you hear it!

Till you remember to leave women alone.

Till you see us!

Till you see us as equals!

Till you see us as individuals worthy of simply existing.

Till you see us as women- not attached to men.

Till we don’t have to say ”what if it was your sister, your mother, your lover, your daughter.”

Till you see us!

In remembrance of all the women & men who have been violently brutalised, raped & killed.

For the names we know and the ones we don’t. We won’t stop till you see us!

Black lives matter . Stop Raping Women .

Here are some links where you can donate and volunteer with organisations that work to end rape & fight rape culture in Nigeria, as well as support victims of rape and gender-based violence.

Stand to End Rape

Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF)

Gender Mobile

Mirabel Centre

www.justicefortinafund.comTo donate to the family of Tina Ezekwe


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To Understand [an understanding]

Be wary of yourself.

Be wary of your mind.

Be wary of the expectations you put on them.


Not everyone is you.

Not everyone will understand your spirit man.

This is for the ones who will take the time to unfold.

To peel back your layers and take delight in being enthralled in your essence.


Understand that a time will come when you will let them go

Those expectations that you carry so –


Enough that you often get burned.


Big wishes and bigger dreams.

They must not consume you.

Inhale the present.

Exhale the resentment.

Don’t let them bring you down.


To be expectant of someone who is still expecting themselves.

You may have found you.

Not everyone can.

Take some time to understand your fellow Wo(man). 




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She wanted it.

That’s what he said.

She just needed to be pushed over the edge.

She wanted it.

That’s what he heard.

He just needed to take off her skirt.

She wanted it.

That’s what her dress said.


It wasn’t all in my head?

I didn’t ask her,

but she wanted it,

She wanted to feel me.

She wanted my hands on her skin.

She wanted to take me.

She was just too intoxicated to let me in.

So you know i helped her along…

“So you got Consent?”


“Yeah.. Consent?

Did i ask her?

No, but her dress said so.

Did i ask her?

No, but her eyes didn’t say no.

Did i ask her?

No but my mind told me so.

Did i ask her?

No, but the way she moved her hips let me know.

Did i ask her?

No, but she was walking alone

Did i ask her?

I didn’t hear her say no!

Bro, just so you know


Is not an answer.




‘Reclaim the Night’

Date:  Thursday 23rd February

Time: 7pm

Location: Owens Park ,Fallowfield- Oxford Road Manchester


Because Women’s rights are human rights.

Because We need to stop blaming the Victim.

Because My choice of outfit does not take away my choices.

Because You don’t own me.

Because “I’m a woman Phenomenally , Phenomenal woman that’s me.”





Rupi Kaur’s Milk & Honey and all the things it did for me.


One random summers day  I decided to read ‘TheReadClub‘ book of the week. I rarely joined in, in fact i think this was my first time.

I didn’t know it would be the right time.

The book happened to be ‘Milk & Honey’ by Rupi Kaur and i have never raved about something so much in my life.

I truly felt something, i was deeply moved. The words jumped out to me and touched my soul…. i am being ‘extra’ but this book deserves every ounce of drama queen that is me.

It made me happy, it made me sad.

Most importantly it made me want to write and take this thing I’ve been doing for years a bit more seriously.

I have always written stuff down, but ‘ i am not a writer’ I have always felt the urge to write but ‘ i am not into anything’.

What did it have to take to realise that this was me, this was who i wanted to be.

This summer i took me seriously.

I did everything i said i was going to, i explored different things and hung out with different people.

I found Sarah Kay,

I found Rupi Kaur.

I found Titilope Sonuga.

I found Thursdays at Bogobiri.

I found out I loved spoken word.

Milk & Honey was my trigger.

I mixed it in and i found i could be happy.

I am looking forward to more ‘accidental discoveries’.

I am looking forward to more Rupi’s, Sarah’s and Titi’s.

I am looking forward to more things that truly interest me.

In a past life this would have been written in a notebook somewhere, but in the spirit of ‘self discovery’ i hope someone sees this and explores their hidden or not so subtle interests.


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Eight Things I Learnt From My Summer Job.

via Daily Prompt: Learning

Learning is an interesting concept and most times we feel like we have to be specifically  taught something before we have learnt it.

This year I have found out that I am constantly learning and that’s the best way to live.

I worked as a charity fundraiser this summer and it was my job to walk up to people’s houses, knock on their doors , pitch my charity to them and eventually convince them to sign up and make a monthly contribution.

This job was totally out of my comfort zone and upon reflection I could have probably handled that better, but like I said its all a learning process.

So here is a list of things my job taught me:

  1. The importance of a smile. People feed off your energy, when someone opened the door and I was monotone and not smiling they replied in a monotone and often dismissive manner, but if I was smiling and laughing, even if they didn’t sign up we often had a good  conversation.
  2. I learnt that to succeed I need to do something I enjoy.
  3. I  learnt that compromising for a short time can lead to long-term benefits
  4. I learnt that I do not work well under pressure and even if its being put on me I need to ignore it. Sometimes pressure is inevitable, in this job we had weekly targets. However it was the weeks that I didn’t pay any attention to the targets that I was most successful.
  5. I learnt that being open-minded will take you far. There is a whole world out there,  a whole world outside of you and it doesn’t take much to explore it.
  6. I learnt that I can do anything I set my mind to.
  7. I learnt to look for the silver lining in every situation.
  8. People only hear what they want to hear. It is important you make them hear you.


I would love to hear about your most recent learning experience?






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I Hope You Love Yourself

I hope you love yourself because you know who you are.
I hope you love yourself in spite of all your fears.
I hope you love yourself because ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ you are.
I hope you love yourself because it’s not easy to be a star.

So one day you’ll lie there and think of all the ones that could have been.
All the ones that could have rid you of what makes you you.

And you’ll smile because you loved yourself, so much so you knew they weren’t for you.

I hope you love yourself so you can love someone else.

– Ari’