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The Best Feel-Good Movies For Social Distancing

In these weird & wonderful times, it is important to protect your peace and keep up the good vibes. So here are 10 of the best feel-good movies for social distancing!

Pretty Womanwatch if you’re in the mood for flirting, fun & shopping

The sun in her face, shopping on Rodeo drive, that complete makeover and watching someone live it up in a fancy hotel? Sprinkle in the romance and grand gesture! What’s not to love? It’s a classic for a reason.

The ProposalWatch if you’re in the mood for laughter, finding a secretly rich husband & risking it all for your job

There’s nothing better than finding out your fake husband is a closet millionaire. Again we have some unexpected romance and a fake wedding. This movie is an all-time fave and never fails to make me laugh.

Two Can Play that Game Watch if you like someone who isn’t taking you seriously

An oldie but a goodie, they don’t actually make them like this anymore. There’s a playbook for love ( apparently) and Shante will help you find it! Enjoy the crazy tips and tricks.

Legally Blonde Watch if you need some motivation/a plan to take on the world

This movie is partly responsible for where I am in life. Elle is good vibes and doesn’t let the haters bring her down. Here we see her stunt on her ex, do the seemingly impossible and refuse to shrink herself in the process!

Last Holiday Watch if you’re ready to risk it all and spend all your life’s savings after Covid-19 passes

Living in the moment takes a whole new definition ( but for a good reason). Definitely a good reminder to focus on the important things and chase your dreams.

Mulan- Watch if you’re in the mood for singing and proving a point

Would this list really be complete without a Disney Classic? This is my personal favourite Disney Princess movie, the soundtrack is amazing.

Home Again – Watch if you’re in the mood for something light & some interior decor inspo

Some light romance sprinkled with a tinge of drama, I really enjoyed watching this movie and it left me feeling very smiley. Enjoy the warm tones, Reese & the amazing house the film is set in

The Holiday Watch if you are ready to skip to Christmas time

A house swap, a holiday, wine and of course romance! What’s not to love ? although I’d usually save this for Christmas time, I am learning to live in the moment. Enjoy the cosy cottage, the LA Mansion & watching them fall in love.

When Harry Met Sally – Watch if you’re falling in love with your friend

Find out the answer to the age-old question – can men & women just be friends? set in one of the best movie city’s – NYC. Enjoy the friendship & the realization of things.

Crazy Rich Asians Watch if you think you’re ready to meet your partners family or If you’re in the mood for a great wedding

This is fairly new but it is up there with my list of favourites. Finding out about your significant others immense wealth is always fun, unless it’s not. Enjoy the power-plays, over the top parties and love conquering all!

Letters to JulietWatch if you’re in the mood for not letting your boyfriend stop you from finding love

A baecation gone wrong, but it turns out right in the end. Enjoy the scenic views, the mystery love story and finding out that sometimes you don’t need to force something that isn’t quite right.

Bride and Prejudice – Watch if you’re in the mood to marry !

The songs, the outrageous mother, the colour and all-round lightheartedness. Enjoy the sisterly bonds, the fight to stay true to yourself and the dancing!

Happy watching! Please add your favourite feel-good movies you’re enjoying in the time of social distancing!

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Things to do on Valentines Day in Lagos 2020

Hello everyone!

I’m back and just in time to save my last-minute lovers ❤️😂.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and here’s me ready to save the day/night.

I know some of you still don’t know what you’re doing, and your significant other is asking, so here are some cute ideas if you’re in Lagos!

1. Stay in your house dear.

Personally, this is my favourite suggestion, have you ever experienced Valentine’s Day traffic?

If you have I’m not sure how you still do it every year. Today is a great day for dinner & a movie ( Netflix and chill) in your house, get some fairy lights, some cute candles, and a sweet playlist to create a romantic vibe.

2. If you don’t have a house to stay in well then:

Dinner at a nice Restaurant will do, remember restaurants have hiked up prices and you might need to reserve a spot.

So to my last friends have a look at the @Eat.Drink.Lagos Insta page to see a list of restaurants with Valentine’s Day specials. There’s a range of restaurant’s so hopefully, there’s something for everyone.

3. If you need to kill time before your dinner, be cliche and go and see a movie!

This is easy – pick a movie you’ll both enjoy and then see where the night takes you!

4. Couples massage: honestly this is not a last-minute man plan but it doesn’t hurt to try! Lucky for you it seems like there’s a spa at every turn in Lagos so pick one in your budget. This works better for Saturday. Good luck!

5. For something fun & romantic.

If your significant other has lots of energy then Upbeat is doing a special package that includes a meal, wine & jumping.

If anyone actually does this, please let me know how this goes. Try at your own risk.

6. If you’re being brave and finally asked someone out for Valentine’s Day, you might want to go for drinks and small bites, just in case it gets a bit awkward and you’re ready to leave!

My top two picks for really cute outdoor drink spots are:

1. The Light House

2. Bolivar Bar

7. For something romantic and a bit different

Bubble is hosting an outdoor movie night on Saturday 15th at Lekki Special Events Centre. There will be Sip&paint, wine tasting, games & cupids den.

This is definitely something to surprise your significant other with, especially if on Friday you took my number 1 suggestion and stayed in your house! More details on their Instagram page – @bubblee_ng

8. One of my favourite spots – Bogobiri is hosting a Karaoke & Games night there’s also dinner for two! Head over to their Instagram page for more details @bogobirihouse


Remember it’s a day to show love, it’s supposed to be fun. So no matter what you do enjoy !

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Fike