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Life In My Twenties: I’m Twenty-Three!

This week our post is two in one, both of our writers have no idea who the other is but they somehow happen to be contemplating what it means to be 23.

I found their words really encouraging and I hope you do too!


It’s my 23rd birthday in about a month and I’m very hopeful for the next year of my life. 

My 21st year was probably the worst year of my life and its largely because life literally hit me from nowhere. I had been waiting to finally be an adult and have all these amazing life experiences – but here I was at 21 feelings very unaccomplished and unsatisfied.

I turned 21 a month after my graduation from university and I found myself extremely unhappy with my career choices and feeling like I should be doing a lot more with my life, which then made me spend the better part of my 21st year either sad or in tears.

By my 22nd birthday, I had decided to stop being sad over the things I couldn’t control, be appreciative of what I have achieved so far and remember to take each day as it comes because I’m still young and I have a long full life ahead of me.

This past year has been very satisfying to put it in one word. I took each day as it came, and it has been so rewarding. This year I started several projects and initially my anxiety was skyrocketing because what if it fails, but really what if they fail? Well now, I’ve accepted that if they fail, I’ll just have to try again. Life really goes on.

The best part about my 20s is figuring out life with my friends. We are all experiencing different things, learning & evolving, I cant wait to see the women we finally grow into!


I spend half of my day wishing I was 5 and the other half wishing I was 35. But recently I am learning to relax and appreciate the chaos that is being 23.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have about 10,000 thoughts a minute, a ton of different ways your life could end up, and you get consumed with your ideas as time passes. I have always viewed this as something I need to fix – To grow up and not feel like a child concerned with childish dreams.

Lately, I am not so sure, I am thinking more about how I think about myself and my design. I’m realising ( trying to really) that just because a path is not mainstream does not mean it’s not valid.

Let’s be real, this process sucks! It’s really high highs and shattering lows. It is anxiety, peace, pain and joy all at the same time. It is droughts of uncertainty, breaths of clarity and plunges of confusion. But it is life, and somewhere between the chaos, we have to live, we have to be.

So breathe, you’re good. You’re still figuring it out, it is messy but it is beautiful. Yes, the mess can be beautiful. Not when it’s cleaned up, but right in the middle! Laugh a little. Don’t be too hard on yourself because you’re doing good. Maybe not by the standards of the world, but you’re good.

Afoma & Mira have reminded me of some words of encouragement I wrote in a previous post- check it out here.

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Till You See Us.

Our bodies matter.

Our lives matter.

We are worthy.

You should care.

We are worthy of walking home safely;

We are worthy of more than careless shots.

We are worthy of the peace of an evening walk.

We are worthy of Justice.

We matter.

Not to be discarded like something you could easily scatter.

We are worthy of respect.

We are worthy of our choice.

We will shout it till you hear it!

Till you remember to leave women alone.

Till you see us!

Till you see us as equals!

Till you see us as individuals worthy of simply existing.

Till you see us as women- not attached to men.

Till we don’t have to say ”what if it was your sister, your mother, your lover, your daughter.”

Till you see us!

In remembrance of all the women & men who have been violently brutalised, raped & killed.

For the names we know and the ones we don’t. We won’t stop till you see us!

Black lives matter . Stop Raping Women .

Here are some links where you can donate and volunteer with organisations that work to end rape & fight rape culture in Nigeria, as well as support victims of rape and gender-based violence.

Stand to End Rape

Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF)

Gender Mobile

Mirabel Centre

www.justicefortinafund.comTo donate to the family of Tina Ezekwe


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IWD2020: Five of my Favourite Women on Social Media

It’s Women’s History month and International Women’s Day tomorrow.

With that in mind I am celebrating Five of my favourite women on social media. They might be your faves too. Tell me who your favourite women on social media are and why you love them! This list is in no particular order.

Jollz & FK

photo via @fkabudu on twitter

This ‘dynamic duo’ have shown me that conversation is an art. They can talk/speak on most issues share their insights and opinions whilst making us all laugh. Their combination of intelligence and humour is unmatched, they took it a step further when they teamed up to create one of my all time favourite podcasts – I Said What I Said. I especially love the name of the podcast because it highlights women being unapologetic and assertive, qualities we definitely need to see more of in women! To FK & Jollz, thank you for all the laughs & the confidence you both exude!

Ozzy Etomi

photo via

My personal favourite ‘twitter feminist’, but she is so much more she is an incredible writer, a mother and I would definitely say one of the most stylish people I follow. Ozzy is a bad-ass in every sense of the word, she takes no prisoners and speaks her truth. She has taught me how to own my opinion and stand my ground. She does not pretend to be anything more than what she is and is the level of self-assured I aspire to be. To Ozzy, thank you for your voice!

Moe a.k.a Mochievous

photo via @mochievous on twitter

Moe is amazing! She is my e-mentor, as a young lawyer it is amazing to be able to look up and see someone like Moe. She is a fountain of knowledge I don’t have any other words to describe her. She is a lawyer, a writer and the mastermind behind Scalemyhustle. Moe shares so much valuable information almost daily, she gives so much and is so passionate about everything she does. To Moe, thank you for being so inspirational!

photo via


Ufuoma is my travel goals, she is on her 40th Country and I am in awe. I love that she is a conscious traveller who takes her time to immerse herself in the culture of wherever she is visiting. It is even more amazing that she is travelling on her Nigerian passport because we all know that is an extreme sport. Ufuoma shares her experiences with us through her vivid Instagram and her blog She works full time but still has time to see the world. She has taught me that life is truly what you make it! To Ufuoma, thank you for living your life in colour we absolutely love to see it!

These are just a few of my favourite social media babes! There are so many wonderful women out there who are doing amazing things. I am so proud to be a woman and I have chosen to celebrate a few women who might be unaware of the impact they can have .

Make sure to celebrate the women around you and don’t forget to celebrate yourself!