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Trusting the Process

We all talk about trusting the process but how many times have you thought about where you are and where you would like to be instead? If you’re anything like me, probably too many times.

So many of us are in a hurry to get nowhere fast, because when you get there you shift the goal again, and it’s back to ‘striving’ and doing too much.

I had a conversation with a friend recently and she mentioned feeling like she wasn’t doing enough … which is funny because from where I was standing she was doing a lot! She recently started a full-time job & is running a blog ( I promise I’m not talking about me lol) but somehow her mind had convinced her it wasn’t enough.

We can be really hard on ourselves, really impatient with ourselves. I’m learning to trust the process, slow down, and be present.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking and even planning ahead but don’t forget you’re here now! Your life will only happen once and if you miss it well that’s it.

Stop and actually smell the roses, give yourself a minute to acknowledge where you are and love yourself enough to work towards where you want to be, but above all trust the process.

Today take stock of where you are, everything you’ve achieved, and look back to see how far you’ve actually come.

While looking ahead remember to be patient with yourself and be kind too, everything good always comes!

How are you staying present & trusting the process? Leave a comment below I would like to know!