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10 Positive Affirmations to keep you going!

You are what you focus on. I really believe in the power of meditating on a word, idea, plan and watching it come to life before your very eyes. So much so that I facilitate vision board & goal setting – you can find out more about this on @the2020visionsquad on Instagram. Positive affirmations give us strength us to believe in an action we want to bring to life!

Today I will be sharing 10 positive affirmations that will keep you going when you need an extra push.

1. I am enough – simple but so efficient, we sometimes think we need to be more, or be like someone else. But you are enough just as you are!

2. I will show up for myself today – Showing up for yourself, however this looks to you is fine. As long as you are able to show up!

3. I am excellent in everything I do – We are not called to perfection, we are only meant to do things to the very best of our abilities.

4. I am beautiful– Say it, because you are.

5. I am deserving of joy – Always, no matter what-you deserve joy simply because you exist.

6. I am strong & capable of achieving my dreams – Yes you are, you can do whatever you want to do. Just keep on believing and the wish that you wish will come true ( a little bit of Disney for you).

7. I am who the world needs right now, I will not let fear get in the way.- This one I heard at a lovely session hosted by @tiwalowla on instagram sharing it with everyone because it is so good and so true.

8. I will respond, not react– because we need to protect our peace at all costs.

9. I live in abundance – we do not have a poverty/ lack mindset!

10. I am confident , I am resilient, I am worthy– because you are and that’s on PERIOD.

Go forth and conquer as you give yourself these gentle reminders whenever you need them! Please share this with someone and leave one of your favourite affirmations in the comments section I would love to hear them.


Growth reflections writing


Hello everyone!

How has your week been?

Thursdays are typically a day of reflection for me and I’d like to bring that to this space. Last week on Instagram I asked my fellow newbies to the workforce how they were finding it & if they were enjoying the work they were doing.

Everyone was really open and honest and it was nice to see that I wasn’t the only experiencing certain things.

Some of the key things people struggled with:

1. Imposter Syndrome

2. Not being challenged enough

3. Feeling overwhelmed/ burnt out

These are things that greatly impact how you feel and in turn how you experience this new stage in life.

Personally, to make it all a little bit easier I remind myself of certain things.

1. Change is uncomfortable and is also constant, I have to get used to this feeling.

2. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now

3. They wouldn’t hire me if they didn’t think I could do it!

4. I can’t control what happens but I can control my response

I’d like to find out what people think and what advice anyone has for those of us who might be struggling a little bit & who don’t actually think we are where we’re meant to be.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Enjoy the rest of your week!